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Red-brown gelaninous cut surface

On examination, a soft cystic mass could be felt superior and medial to the left testicle. Ultrasound suggested solid and cystic areas. Mass was locally resected. The cut surface was reddish-brown with a gelatinous consistency.

It consists of a spindle cell proliferation in a background of prominent vasculature. The spindle cells are arranged in short fascicles.

The spindle cells have bland cytologic features and mitotic activity is not increased. Mast cells are scattered in the background. Immunohistochemical profile : CD34 was strongly positive; Desmin and Myogenin were negative.


Cellular angiofibroma occurs in the vulvo-vaginal region of women and in inguino-scrotal region of men. It is considered to be similar to a lesion referred to as angiomyofibroblastoma-like tumor of male genital tract.


It is a benign stromal tumor with no propensity for metastases or recurrences, if completely excised.


This case was contributed by Dr. Dharam Ramnani.

Last updated: 2009-09-09
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