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Normal squamous mucosa overlies a fibroblastic proliferation forming a submucosal nodule. Sometimes the surface mucosa becomes traumatized and shows reactive changes.

Fibroblasts appear elongated along with deposition of submucosal collagen. Small vessels may be dispersed within the fibroma

The fibroblasts are bland and free of nuclear enlargement and atypia. Dense collagen fills the background.


Occurs more frequently in females and usually presents during the 4-6th decades. It is most frequently encountered in the oral cavity in those sites more prone to irritation such as biting, such as the buccal mucosa along the bite line and lateral border of tongue. It presents as a painless elevated sessile nodule with a smooth border which is usually only 1-2 mm at most in size.


Entirely benign.

Last updated: 2010-03-23
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