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Numerous small to medium sized cystic spaces are present in a dense lymphoid stroma.

The cystic spaces are lined by bland sebaceous epithelium. One of the lumens contains a little secretions. Keratin filled cysts may also be encountered.


It has been recognized, since first reported in 1931, that there are areas of sebaceous differentiation in normal parotid and other salivary tissue in about 25% of individuals1,2 . These regions are very seldom involved in tumors affecting the gland and only about thirty sebaceous lymphadenoma(SL) cases have been reported in the literature7 . Other neoplasms affecting subaceous tissue in the salivary glands include sebaceous carcinoma, sebaceous adenoma and sebaceous lymphadenocarcinoma.


Mostly diagnosed in the 6-8th decades, the vast majority(>90%) of these arise in the parotid gland and in immediately adjacent tissues. This tumor has been reported to affect minor salivary glands as well3 . Patient presentation typically includes a slow growing and painless mass present for months to years3,4 . Several cases of sebaceous lymphadenoma have been reported associated with Warthins tumor. It has been hypothesized that SL represents subaceous metaplasia of a component of a Warthins tumor5 . Other authors note no such connection6 .


Treatment is local excision with negative margins.


With complete excision, the long term prognosis is excellent for this benign tumor.


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