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Round tubular glands are seen.

Round tubular glands with frequent mitotic figures - glands are viewed en face in this section.

Now, the same glands are viewed longitudially - slight coiling is seen.

Yet another example of proliferation glands with pseudostratification and mitotic figures.


In response to estrogen, endometrial glands proliferate. The endometrial glands exhibit a characteristic histology such as: (1) glandular architecture is round or tubular; (2) the lining cells are pseudostratified with dark nuclei; (3) numerous mitotic figures are found toward the luminal side of the glands; (4) the stroma can range from edematous, spindled to predecidualized.

Unlike secretory endometrium, it is not useful or clinically relevant to date proliferative endometrium.


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Last updated: 2010-10-21
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